Why We Chose Young Living Essential Oils (and how you can too)

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably already know that our family loves loves LOVES essential oils.  We use them every single day for things like helping us fall asleep (yup, even the kiddos), energy, mental focus, breathing easier in the spring time, soothing achy muscles or head tension, supporting our immune systems, grounding, relaxation, de-stressing, cooking, weight loss, lice prevention, cleaning our house without toxic chemicals and so. much. more.

After many years of using the USDA organic ones from the health food store (with unimpressive results) I was introduced to Young Living’s oils.  Being ignorant of what it actually meant, I steered clear because I knew Young Living was a network marketing company and I had been conditioned over the years to steer clear of “those kinds” of companies.  I didn’t sign up for a membership, but I skeptically used samples from some of my friends who shared their oils with me, after a lot of research and comparing of essential oil companies out there.  Much to my surprise, the Young Living oils were really effective at doing the things my friends claimed they could help me with, and their agricultural and testing standards exceeded those of the oils I had been buying at my health food store.

My research taught me that the essential oil industry is not regulated in the way that I had assumed they were, and that—because they are treated as “fragrance” by the FDA—even the USDA organic ones can have extenders, fragrances and other mystery ingredients in them as long as a small percentage of the bottle was actual essential oil from organic plants.  My mind was blown, and I realized the importance of knowing your essential oil source.

I found out that Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils was an extremely knowledgeable person of great integrity who was passionate about organic farming, but also knew how to carefully distill plants so that the delicate therapeutic qualities were retained.  He created something called the Seed to Seal Promise, which basically means Young Living only grows plants from carefully selected heirloom seeds, grows them without the use of toxic, synthetic pesticides, harvests them at the exact perfect time to maximize their potency, expertly distills them and them rigorously tests them for purity AND to make sure that the therapeutic qualities have been retained.  The best part though, at least for me, is that Young Living is totally transparent in their practices since they have nothing to hide; anyone can visit any of their farms around the world and walk around to see how they operate.  You can even go inside of the distilleries and bottling plants.  It’s really cool!  I have done this myself, and it has deepened my love for the company.

Me in the clary sage at Young Living’s farm in Mona, Utah


Me and my friends Priscilla and Maya inside of the distillery at Young Living’s farm in Mona, Utah

The oils have been so wonderful for our family that in December of 2016 I decided to start sharing essential oils with EVERYONE and started my own business.  Our team, which now spans the globe, is called The Joyful Oilers.  One of my greatest passions is teaching people how they can incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils into their daily lives for a happier, healthier existence.  It is my favorite thing ever when I get an excited phone call or text message from someone I’ve shared oils with saying “OMG, I used _____ for ______ and it actually worked!”  When used consistently these oils can make a huge difference.  They have done so for us in countless ways.  Friend me on Facebook or come to one of my in person essential oil classes and I’ll tell you all about it.  🙂

Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit with bamboo diffuser

In case you’re wondering, the BEST way to get started with Young Living essential oils is to grab yourself a Premium Starter Kit.  It’s MUCH cheaper than buying everything separately at retail because you’re getting a high quality diffuser, 11 bottles of essential oil, NingXia Red goji berry juice and a bunch of other awesome things at a very deep discount AND it automatically makes you a wholesale member so you save 24% off all of your future orders.  Young Living is a direct sales company, which means you can’t buy it in stores; it has to be ordered through an existing member.  When you buy a kit, you become a wholesale member too, so then you’re able to log into Young Living’s website any time and buy your own oils when you run out of stuff.

Note: When you sign up to become a wholesale member, whether online or on the phone, it’s going to ask for your social security/tax id number.  This is because it’s the law when you buy things wholesale, kind of like Costco for therapeutic grade essential oils.  It doesn’t mean you have to sell things, and in fact only about 7 or 8% of wholesale members do that, but if you do decide to give your member number out to other people and they buy through you then you can get checks in the mail, and that is the only case in which YL will use your social (to send you a form for your taxes)—but only if you make over $600.  Totally optional, and I’ll never pressure you to do that because that’s not my style.

So, what comes in the kit? Let’s break it down, shall we?

11 bottles of essential oil including….

Lemon : detox, yummy water, stain remover, bloating, natural gunk remover (even gum!)
Digize : tummy bugs, gas, bloating, kidney support
Lavender : sleep, skin, allergies, stress, after sun care
Copaiba 🍂: calm, skin, muscles, throat support, oil magnifier/intensifier
Thieves 🕵🏻: magic, the healthy keeper, DIY hand purifier, smells like Christmas!
Purification 👃🏼: buh-bye stank, clear face, keeps unwanted bugs away from kids’ hair at school
PanAway : happy muscles & joints, hot and icy sensation all at once! (SO good!)
Frankincense 🙌🏼: given to baby Jesus, skin, calm, prayer & meditation, grounding, spiritual
R.C. : respiratory comfort, happy chest and lungs, 4 kinds of eucalyptus! (Smells like a spa day)
Stress Away : tropical vacation in a bottle, slows racing hearts & breathing that’s hyper speed
Peppermint : breathe, muscles, yummy brownies, happy digestive track, head pressure

+a diffuser and TONS of oily info
+samples & NingXia (goji berry) juice
+roller top
+wholesale pricing with no strings attached (save 24% every time!)
+ me and a supportive oily community to help you the whole way!
Hello?! No brainer. Best $160 you’ll ever spend. 💁🏻  Here is the link to use when you’re ready to get started 🙌🏼 : https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/start?sponsorid=3471989&enrollerid=3471989

If you want to know more about Young Livings essential oils, feel free to connect with me through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or by emailing me at crystal@thejoyfuloilers.com.  You can also explore my other website that is completely dedicated to oils at thejoyfuloilers.com. My Young Living member number is 3471989, so be sure to plug in those numbers in the enroller and sponsor fields when you get your kit, unless you have a close friend or family member who you know is actively doing the Young Living business.  In that case be sure to order through them. 🙂  Thanks for reading and happy oiling!