Jeffrey bean’s 1st go on a sewing machine

Chloe let Jeffrey bean have a go on her new sewing machine, and not surprisingly, he was a natural too.  He caught on so quickly!  I was his age when I got my first sewing machine, a hand-me-down from my grandma’s tailor shop in Fallbrook.  Sewing is in our blood.  I can’t wait to see how the kids progress, and what beautiful creations they’ll be sewing in the near future. My heart is happy.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

A few years ago, a mama at our Waldorf school led a Chat ‘n Craft for us where she taught us how to make these adorable felt Christmas tree ornaments from felt circles, embroidery floss, buttons and wooden beads.  They were so cute and so simple!  Several of us gathered together one winter morning and made one for every teacher and faculty member of our little school.  Flash forward to now and *I* am our school’s Chat ‘n Craft lady.

I was asked to come up with a fun and simple craft for our school’s table at Magical Child’s annual holiday party, one that kids could easily handle.  This adorable craft immediately came to mind and my family came along with me while I taught a bunch of people to make these just outside of the boutique.

It occurred to me that my readers might want to try this craft too, so here is a step by step tutorial for you!  🙂

First, gather your materials.  You will need:

  • 10 felt circles of 4 or 5 different sizes.  This doesn’t need to be perfect. I used my Sizzix circle cutter die, but you could trace round objects just as easily
  • 12″ of embroidery floss
  • a craft needle with an eye large enough for the floss
  • 5-6 2 or 4 holed buttons
  • a small star cut from thick wool felt (I got mine from Michael’s)
  • 1 half inch wooden bead

Using your needle and embroidery floss, thread the wooden bead so that it ends up in the center of the floss.  Then remove your thread from the needle and thread BOTH ends of the thread through the needle.  A needle threader makes easier work of this.

Find the center of your largest felt circle and push your needle and both ends of the thread all the way through it.

Before adding your next largest circle, use one of your buttons as a spacer in between your layers. This stretches out your tree a bit and makes it more interesting.

Continue adding your circles, adding button spacers between some of the layers.  You don’t have to do it between every layer. Have fun with this. Continue until your smallest felt circle is at the tippy top.

Now it’s time to put the star on top! You’ll want a star (or any shape you want, really) that is cut from thick wool felt so that it is thick enough to go up through the star. (See photo above.)  If you can’t find thick felt or don’t want to use it, get creative and use a pretty button or bead to top your tree instead! Once your thread has been pulled all the way through, make a knot at the very top and hang your ornament from a tree.  Methinks it would even make a cute decoration for the top of a present.  Bonus: if you have an artificial Christmas tree and miss the real tree smell, this cute ornament can even double as a hanging diffuser for some Idaho balsam fir essential oil!

I hope you and your kidlets make a bunch of these!  If you do, feel free to let me know in the comments, or tag me in your photos on Instagram.  Thanks for reading!  Until next time…