How To Embroider For Beginners

Embroidery is a very gratifying hobby because it is fairly simple to learn and it’s very inexpensive to get started.

All you need to start embroidering is:

  1. An embroidery hoop
  2. Fabric (like cotton or muslin)
  3. A hand sewing needle (embroidery needles are great!)
  4. Embroidery floss (thread)
  5. Scissors

The following video will go over how to insert your fabric into your embroidery hoop, how to thread a needle, how to make a mama’s knot, 7 basic embroidery stitches to get you started and finally, how to secure your stitching at the end so it doesn’t unravel on you.

The 7 stitches you will learn to do in the video are the running stitch, the back stitch, the split stitch, the stem stitch, French knots, the chain stitch and the satin stitch. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Have fun, and happy embroidering!