Hand Sewing Basics: How To Do A Blanket Stitch

First off, what even is a blanket stitch? A blanket stitch is a hand sewing stitch used to reinforce the edges of thick fabrics.  It can also be used as a decorative stitch to finish the un-hemmed edges of a blanket. One of my favorite places to use blanket stitches are on the felt hats and capes of these cute little Waldorf gnomes.

Cute, right?!

Blanket stitches are easy to create once you get the hang of it! Here’s how you do it!

  1. Start out by threading your needle and making a mama’s knot at the end of your thread.
  2. On the “wrong” side of your fabric (the back side or the side that will not show, in our case) insert your needle about 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric. Note: the distance from the edge (also called seam allowance) isn’t quite as important as staying consistent with whatever seam allowance you decide on. 🙂
  3. With your needle go up and over coming up the same hole you already made, and just before you pull the loop it makes tightly, insert your needle into the loop and pull it taut. This will become your first stitch.
  4. Now, scoot over a quarter inch or so and poke your needle up through your fabric creating another loop, and once again, insert your needle into that loop before pulling tight. Continue in this manner til your reach the end of your fabric.
  5. When you are finished with your last stitch, do as we did with the very first stitch, looping around and coming up the same hole you already made, and insert your needle into the loop that is created—twice this time—to make a knot. Then cut your thread very close to your knot so that it is not obvious.

Was that clear as mud? Here is a video in case you are more of a visual person, like me! 🙂

I hope that made it a bit more clear for you! If not, feel free to connect with me by shooting me a message on Facebook or emailing me at crystal@thejoyfuloilers.com. Happy sewing!