Jeffrey’s Summer Recital 2017 at Forte Academy of the Arts San Diego

Jeffrey bean had his piano recital over the weekend at Forte Academy of the Arts in Vista. ¬†He played Sonatina 1 and Cruella De Vil. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. ūüôā

Jeffrey¬†has been taking once-a-week piano lessons with Ms. Marla Morrison since August of 2012 when he was just 3 and a half years old. He¬†has come such a long way and it’s so cool to go back and watch all of his recital videos (they happen twice a year) and see how he has progressed over the years.

Forte offers all kinds of music lessons and even art lessons. ¬†When we started there we were a homeschooling family and found that Forte¬†helped to round out the kids’ education. ¬†Music is so great for the brain—and for the soul. If you’re looking for¬†private music lessons in north county San Diego (for children and adults alike) we¬†highly recommend Forte Academy of the Arts in Vista, Ca. ūüôā Should you sign up, tell them the Silvas family sent you. ¬†Thanks for reading, friends! I hope you enjoy the video.

Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge Day 8 + Starting Something New!

Hey friends! ¬†Thanks for checking up on me! ¬†Week 1 is officially over and I had my second weigh in this morning. (If you’re not sure what I’m talking about you can check out last Wednesday’s blog.) ¬†I am happy to report that I am down 2.4 lbs from last week! Woot! I still have a ways to go but progress makes me SUPER HAPPY!

Progress! I’m down 2.4 lbs from last week!

Last week I ate around 1,500 calories each day, except on Friday night when I didn’t eat a proper dinner and Sunday when we went to a Superbowl party with our really good friends. I let myself indulge in a few things I REALLY wanted but I still kept things pretty reasonable.

On Saturday I worked my essential oil booth at the Vista farmers market and had to wake up very early. ¬†I used my noggin and packed myself a healthy snack and lunch so I wouldn’t indulge in all of the farmers market goodies, although I did have a bite of Spring Hill cheese. Worth it. ūüôā

I also drank my essential oil infused water every single day last week. ¬†I added 4 drops grapefruit, 4 drops lemon and 2 drops peppermint to my alkaline water in a glass water bottle. ¬†(Never put essential oils in plastic containers as they will pull out the toxins from the plastic and then you’ll end up drinking it! No bueno!)

This week I decided to try something new and different! ¬†Back when I went to Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City last summer they released a brand new herbal weight loss supplement with some pretty impressive claims. ¬†It was called Slique CitraSlim. ¬†I loved that it didn’t have crazy ingredients or even caffeine, because I took some weight loss pills in my late teens that made me feel like I was going to die and I decided I’d never do that again. These ones had me intrigued.

I used my Essential Rewards points (Young Living’s loyalty program that earns me free stuff) to finally get a box of their Slique CitraSlim capsules and it arrived yesterday afternoon. It has 15 days worth of capsules.

They come in individual packets and you take 2 powder capsules in the morning and 1 liquid + 1 powder capsule in the afternoon before 3 pm. I took my first two capsules this morning before I started making breakfast and I am about two take my next two after I eat my lunch.

You can check out the ingredients in the photo below:

Back when I lost the 90 lbs in 2004 I was in my very early 20s and the weight just fell off of me with diet and exercise.  Now in my 30s?  Not so much.  I am hoping this boosts my metabolism so that my efforts are rewarded a little faster, and I am hoping it bumps up my energy because I am weaning off of coffee (again.)

I am excited to see what my number will say next Wednesday. Let’s see if this stuff really works. ūüôā

Oh, and I mentioned on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram last week that I’d be transparent about what I’m eating and how much I’m exercising, but I decided I didn’t want to clutter up my actual blog so I created a weight loss page on here that tracks all of my progress. ¬†It’s also where you can sneak a peek at what I’m eating every day, the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks again for following along with me! ¬†All of the encouragement I’ve received¬†on my social media accounts has made my heart SUPER happy and has been inspiring me to stay the course, this time for real. ūüėČ ¬†Until next time…


Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge February 2017 – Day 1

Young Living Weight Loss Trio

A mama in one of the Facebook groups I’m in invited me to join her in a weight loss challenge. ¬†Each of us put $10 into the virtual pot and the one who¬†loses the most weight at the end takes home all of the money. ¬†I put on a lot of weight over 2016 and this was just the little nudge I needed to get off of my bum.

This morning we each weighed in via Facebook Live and I was pretty shocked at my number; I haven’t weighed this much since I was 9 months pregnant with Chloe. ¬†No wonder my clothes aren’t fitting.

I took a picture of the scale, which was not a fun thing to do, and I had Keith take a “before” picture of me—also not a fun thing to do. ¬†And since I said on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that I’d share these things with the world, here they are:

2/1/17 – Day 1






Deep breath…

I definitely have my work cut out for me. ¬†Fortunately, I know exactly what I need to do, and I know I can do it¬†because I’ve done it before; I lost 90 lbs back in 2004 and kept most of it off for a long time, so losing 30-40 now¬†is doable. ¬†Now to take action!

My plan of attack is to plan my meals ahead of time, track my food¬†on My Fitness Pal, add exercise back into my life and use¬†my oils and supplements. ¬†I will be adding the “weight loss trio” to my water: lemon, peppermint and grapefruit essential oils. (I did this last year and dropped 8 lbs in a month! I get my oils from Young Living. You can read why here.)

I failed to go grocery shopping yesterday and had to make due with what we had in the house, but we did get some groceries this evening after dinner so I can actually stick to a solid plan going forward.

Day 1 wasn’t perfect, but it went like this:

Breakfast: 1 slice of toast topped with 1 egg, 1/2 oz pepper jack cheese, and 1 slice of ham. Coffee with a 1/2 tsp sugar and 2 Tbsp milk.

Lemon/Peppermint/Grapefruit essential oil infused water sipped throughout the day.

Snack: vanilla yogurt topped with sliced strawberries, walnuts and coconut chips.

Lunch: leftover rice & beans with salsa

Dinner: Chicken bowl at Chipotle. White cilantro-lime rice, black beans, grilled chicken, pico de gallo, sour cream, cheese and guacamole. I ate about 2/3 of it.

Tomorrow I will be writing out my food plan for the rest of the week. ¬†And I’ll be incorporating exercise. ¬†Thanks so much for reading this, and especially to everyone who has reached out and offered support on Facebook. ¬†I really appreciate it! ¬†Until next time…

Jeffrey bean’s 1st go on a sewing machine

Chloe let Jeffrey bean have a go on her new sewing machine, and not surprisingly, he¬†was a natural too. ¬†He caught on so quickly! ¬†I was his age when I got my first sewing machine, a hand-me-down from my grandma’s tailor shop in Fallbrook. ¬†Sewing is in our blood. ¬†I can’t wait to see how the kids progress, and what beautiful creations they’ll be sewing in the near future. My heart is happy.

Day after Christmas 2016

I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing day post Christmas. ¬†Jeffrey and Chloe spent a good chunk of their morning and day out in our front yard with their new Stomp Rocket. ¬†They had an absolute blast. ¬†(See what I did there?) ūüôā

I went to Crunch fitness to have a free training session with a personal trainer because one of my goals in 2017 is to fit into some of the clothes in my closet that I really love. ¬†I did a bit too much baking in 2016. ¬†Anyway, the trainer pretty much kicked my butt and I’m so going to feel it tomorrow.

In other news, Chloe got to use her brand new New Home Janome sewing machine for her first time ever, and she completed her very first machine sewn project!  She made a cloth napkin out of leftover floral fabric from a dress I made her a couple years ago.  She did really well for her first time!  She caught on pretty quick and she is SO proud of her first project.

I’m so proud of my little Chloe Michelle belle. ¬†She sure is growing up fast. ūüôā

Christmas Day 2016

Today was a great day and my heart is full. ¬†The kids woke up this morning to find that Santa made all of their dreams come true. They got their sleds and their “flying” broomsticks, Chloe got her camera and Jeffrey got his sketch paper and pencils for drawing. ¬†They played with their new things for a short time while I made us bacon, eggs and potatoes for breakfast.

Then we headed off to church for Christmas Day service and the kids’ Christmas pageant, which was Wizard of Oz themed. ¬†The kids got to stay in their jammies for that one, which was really convenient. ūüôā

Then we went to my parents’ house in Oceanside where the kids opened gifts and we all ate tamales—one of my favorite Christmas Day traditions!

When we got home the kids played, I read from my new book and then Keith and Jeffrey played a game of Harry Potter Wizard Chess.  (Thank you, grandma and grandpa!  Jeffrey has been eyeballing that at Barnes & Noble for such a long, long time!)

I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful day with your families.  So much love to all of you.  Merry Christmas!


Jeffrey playing me Christmas music before we left for church

We spent this evening at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living’s annual candelight service. ¬†Jeffrey bean had the honor of playing the little drummer this year. My sweet, sweet boy. ¬†I love him SO much! You can catch the video below.

This night was so beautiful for so many reasons and I am so grateful we were able to make it this year.  It gave me all the feels.  I cried so much (happy tears) and my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for our spiritual community.  Such a wonderful evening. Time to sleep and process it all.

Goodnight, world.


Gingerbread House Making 2016

Tonight we had our friends Maddy and Liam over for gingerbread house making. ¬†We were able to grab some kits on clearance at Michaels and we also picked up some Wilton’s cake decorations and extra candies. ¬†So much fun!

I baked my famous gluten free, vegan chocolate chip cookies, we drank hot cocoa and fun was had by all.

Now, off to dreamland because Jeffrey bean is performing in our school’s winter assembly in the morning, and then it will officially be winter break for nearly 3 weeks! ¬†So excited! ¬†Goodnight friends. ūüôā