About Us


Hello there! I’m Crystal Silvas, the mama behind this blog.  Fair warning: I tend to be long winded, but I’ll do my best to keep this intro short & sweet!

I started this blog because I wanted a place to document my family’s life in words and pictures.  All four of us are pretty creative, and I thought it’d be fun to share that side of us in blog form. I also wanted to share some of my ideas with the world.

Keith and I are free spirits and strongly dislike being told what to do by other people, so we’re both entrepreneurs. 😉 Keith owns his own home inspection business, Red Rock Home Inspections, here in Vista, Ca (a suburb of San Diego) and I teach people the who what where why and how of therapeutic grade essential oils. I run a separate website for my team, The Joyful Oilers. I also run Chloe Michelle’s Closet, an Etsy shop named for our daughter Chloe. I have had my shop for 7 years now! I sew custom boutique children’s clothing, mostly princess gowns and flower girl dresses.

I love cooking, sewing, crafting, DIY projects, singing, baking, reading, writing, spirituality, philosophy, wellness, essential oils, meditation, nature, hiking and a lot of other things. Keith and I both love photography (although admittedly, he is MUCH better at it than I am!)  I will be sharing some blogs and tutorials on many of these things, so stay tuned!

Our family strives to live a healthy, organic lifestyle, but we’re not perfect. (Who is?) I’m sure we’ll talk about that quite a bit. We have come a long way! We are constantly learning new things and adjusting our diets, lifestyles, etc, so I figure we’ll talk about that too.

Hmmm…what else? Well, we started out homeschooling when our kids were pre-school aged, but they now attend our local Waldorf school which we LOVE. It really suits our free spirited, semi-crunchy family and it’s right in line with our values. I will definitely be sharing blogs, pictures and videos all about that, because it’s so different from what I grew up with and not a lot of people seem to know about it.

Another fun fact is that we are big Disney people. I know, not very Waldorf-y, but we are very much in-touch with our inner children and Disneyland holds a very special place in our hearts. I’ll share more about that another time.

As you can imagine, this blog will probably be allover the place, so I apologize in advance. 😉 And I also apologize if I don’t blog consistently, ha.  I’ll try though!  Anyway, I’m super glad you’re here!  Thanks so much for hanging out in our corner of the interweb!  I hope to connect with you soon.