Winter Wonderland Faire 2017 at Sanderling Waldorf School

We had our Winter Wonderland Faire at school today and it was truly magical. The parents and faculty of Sanderling Waldorf School really know how to throw events!

When I arrived to help set up my booth (I was in charge of the Chat n Craft store) I took a peek into the Angel Room. It was STUNNING. Chat n Craft and Grade 1 did a beautiful job on the hand made gifts for that room. In case you’re not familiar with an Angel Room, it’s a room where kids enter (sans parents) with tokens to do their own gift “shopping.” This is to foster the spirit of giving. The room featured a beautiful angel, and 1st grade parent volunteers to accept tokens and wrap gifts for the children. Look at how beautiful it turned out!

We have so many talented and crafty parents at our school!

Here’s a video I took of the room during set up:

I didn’t get to explore the Winter Wonderland Faire because I was busy working the Chat n Craft store the whole time, but Keith, Jeffrey and Chloe really enjoyed themselves! There were Renaissance games, mining for gems, a Crystal Cave, Tea with the Snow Queen, Stories with Father Winter, a pocket person, a natural children’s craft room, a zipline, organic food and baked goods and so much more. It was so amazing. I love our school! For more info on our school and on Waldorf education in general, check out Sanderling’s website at

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